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graham christian
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Smile Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
For those who wish to see Aikido done without force.

Hope you enjoy.
Thank you all for your comments, I didn't expect to have many , especially positive ones.

I now feel I must explain. The video shown is to show a spiritual side of Aikido and is a demonstration of Kokyu. When a person gets a good reality of principles like kokyu then it does look a bit unbelievable to the naked eye.

So, if you will excuse the quality, I will leave you with the following video which shows not only Kokyu but also the power of the true energy of Koshi. With these two powerful principles comes the greater responsibility of taking into account your attacker and the need for the spirit of loving protection.

So welcome to a demo of Ki, Kokyu and Koshi.
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