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Re: Masters of the Universe, the Aikikai and the Shihan Certification

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post

I do wonder if you would cite the Japanese conception of "regulations" as a problem so freely in your own country or elsewhere internationally. Or is this use of the Japanese conception of "regulations" in connection with problems only for Japan?
What I was saying was that the conception of these kind of guidelines can be different in Japan than it can be abroad. If you're dealing on an international rather than a domestic scale - things change. Ishihara Shintaro wrote some interesting things about these kinds of problems - the difficulty of the Japanese mindset in its application to international relations, maybe twenty years ago.

Like I said, I don't believe this is your intended meaning. I'm pointing out how it can read, not what I think you think.

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
How is it a simple thing?
Because a clear set of regulations applied across the board (which is what you would normally expect) would solve the problem

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Pictures of children's macho toy characters may make it look like some kind of joke, but if there is a problem of an actual policy of racial discrimination it is a serious thing.
Well...the first graphic was meant to jab a little at the folks scrambling for the rank.

As I said - whatever the intention - the effect is what matters here. I never said it was a policy of racial discrimination. But I did say that was the effect.

You know - nothing in the blog post is new (although some people seem to think it is). The original post by Tani was made because of similar discussions here and on Aikido Journal, and the topic has resurfaced periodically in both those forums. At those times I've said - pretty much the same thing. Unfortunately, no further public comment has been forthcoming.



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