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Re: Masters of the Universe, the Aikikai and the Shihan Certification

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Yes, but the link to the internal regulations page doesn't actually go to an "internal regulations" page. It goes to an "Aikikai Activities" page which has a load of yearly plans, subsidiary aid reports and information on registering dojos and even forms on how to fill in the forms etc. It isn't a section that explains rules for obtaining any rank or instructor qualification.
That's right, and you're seeing the difference between the Japanese conception of what "regulations" should include (which are usually, relatively speaking, extremely non-specific) and the non-Japanese conception. Of course, this is part of the problem.

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
I don't think the absence of an internal rules page at the end of the link and interviews/statements from 10-20 years ago (during which the system has changed) prove that there is a double standard now. Note that dan and kyu grades are in the same situation as the instructor qualifications: there are no internal regulations listed for them either, because the link just goes to "activities". Does this mean that there are double standards for kyu grades and yudansha too then?
The Tani statement is somewhat more recent than that (although I can't remember what year) - but this is also based on more recent discussions that are not open to public posting.

There are standards for kyu and yudansha grades, anywhere (this is probably another discussion). Even the time requirements are guidelines and not hard requirements.

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
Obviously simple recognition for these purposes will mean different things to different people but is it necessary that the labels come with special privileges or powers?

No - but if it doesn't mean anything, then why give it out? And if it's handed out without restriction to one class of people, why would you restrict it for another?



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