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Keith Larman
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Re: Fact or Fiction (of Morihei Ueshiba's Life)

Charles Hill wrote: View Post
Hi Keith,

I have read much of what is available. I have also trained with/ listened to a number of individuals connect. Also, I have visited many of the places connected to his life.

I think that at some point, we have to dissect and analyze what we have learned and that feedback from others is the next step. So with that, what kinds of BS and "what one wants to believe" have you heard? And why do you consider them so?
My answer to your question would be to point to a very recent thread. It started with a rather strong assertion that O-sensei was a Shinto (tao) priest. And my justification for saying this is not that I have any sort of personal knowledge but that those who do and who are authoritative have said otherwise. Also, that minor in asian religions was screaming in the back of my head through some of the discussion (ouch, what a tortured twisting of meaning/words).

Ultimately the only point I was trying to make was that the dissection and exploration of history should be left to the historians because the rest of us tend to do a piss poor job of it. We tend to get caught in expressions like "if it walks like a duck" when we in fact may have precious little experience with all the various water fowl that may in fact walk just like a duck... But aren't ducks.

In other words... Most of us aren't the ones who should be trying to to dispel myths because most of us really have no way of evaluating the truth value of what we think we know. But there is an "academic" record of sort forming through the work of people like Pranin, Dr. Goldsbury, et al. Maybe with your experience you could do this. And I would encourage it. But most of us (myself included) really shouldn't be speculating much because we just don't have the foundation. So I turn to people like Dr. Goldsbury, Stan Pranin, et al with deep appreciation for what they have done.

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