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Re: Is It Missing In Everybody's Aikido?

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I would like to make some comments directed further to the topic.

The final comment is about Aikido as a martial art, and I want to stress art in the word martial art. Let's view Aikido as an art, just as a fine art or from a craftmen's perspective. Let's take their approach and perspective in learning. If we do then we learn more intensely facing problems creatively, results in finding creative solutions to the problem. We break out of the stagnate rut, inciting new possibilities and growth. If we are always looking at Aikido with a creative eye.

When we do this we test new possibilities and angles. We force ourselves to shift our perspectives routinely constantly looking for answers and methods within the application of physics. New possibilities brings new knowledge from seeing something we are familiar with in a new way, and the many possible relationship that can be discovered. All of which brings on a renewable interest and desire to continue on to find all the possibilities that can be explored. In contrast, being the opposite, being stagnate and solidifying the attitude that all possibilities have been exhausted to an end with no favorable result.

Here again is the unseen the internal strength, I see. To change the way we preceive and practice the art. To unlock our minds and find what the forefather's of the art discovered who had less resource knowledge, which they had to find on their own, that leaded them to such heights and knowledge in their arts. They didn't have the stage already built to play on like we do today, they had to build their own stages if they want to play. Very little was know then about physics- mechnics, etc that we do now. None of them did it over night or with quick fixes.

That every word or concept, clear as it may seem to be, has only a limited range of applicability. (Heisenberg, The Tao of Physics, p35)

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