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Re: Is It Missing In Everybody's Aikido?

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No, not completely as much as I am able to understand the explanations
I see that we need a common starting point that everyone ( there will always be at least one who won't) can agree on. To keep it simple, I suggest the first 38 seconds of the following link as that starting point. This describes what is going on outside the body ( the body being the orange block in the video) .

The question is what is going on inside the body to redirect the force(s) applied outside the body to the ground without the body collapsing?


I think I see the issue...

I can only speak for myself here, but I do believe that if you asked Mike, Dan, Akuzawa Sensei, or somehow had the chance to ask O-Sensei to look at the video you posted a link to, no one would agree that what is being described has anything to do with what we are talking about and doing. Now I am sure many of your apparent mindset would reply with, "But it must" due to the fact that these are proven scientific methods and not mere theories at work. However, as I mentioned before, "humors" were once the science of disease, the earth was at the center of the universe and well, there are so many The-one-and-only God's that they can no longer be counted, so go figure...

Perhaps you can see a benefit of breaking away from your implicit need for everyone to speak a language that you understand. I know it is one you believe with all your heart is the language of the components of force. This could be a first step towards letting go of ideas that are not working for you to achieve what others in this thread most assuredly already have. I would go as far as to say this isn't a matter of just speaking as we do, but more like you need to take off the rose colored glasses in order to see the roses.

I want to ground the conversation in both reality and Aikido. When I first met Abe Sensei he would always talk about "loosing your power" (chikara-ga-nai) to counter the natural human condition whereby there is no real ki or kokyu generation (Ki/Kokyu-ga-nai). So, as a method of following his instructions, we would constantly try to do that thing that all the seniors kept telling us to do... "relax." Of course telling someone to relax doesn't really do anything towards helping them do just that, nor does it aid in understanding "losing one's power" that is part of the oral teaching which accompanies the waza. Later on, when I was accepted as a student of O-Sensei's Misogi-no-Gyo, I was introduced to "genshoku-no-gyo" which is a dietary training focusing on major reduction in one's food intake and an elimination of meat from the diet.

This training is several layers deep, and in and of itself is only the first level teaching given to the "outside" students. By design this teaching strips the body of muscle power by reducing muscle mass by a considerable (even dangerous) amount. For me, this translated to going from a solid 180 lbs down to 135 lbs in about 5 weeks. Facebook friends can see some of this in my martial arts photos from back around 1993 to 1996. I am not talking about losing water weight here, like the BS weigh-in methods used in sporting events. This is a real tear down of the body, and if you were attached to your muscles as much as I was at the time, your mind and ego, too. After about 18 months and down to about 125 lbs, the teaching, "let go of physical power" has real meaning.

Note: The teaching was always the same. It didn't change to suit my level of understanding. However, the language needed to understand this training is nothing less than experience. What I described is again only the second level of the outer teaching. The oral teaching that accompanies this phase of training has to do with changing the makeup of one's blood to alter the exchange of O2-Co2 and alter one's brain function. It is also accompanied with an explanation of one of the non-physical components having to do with altering one's thoughts, dreams and powering-up the powerful visualizations that accompany the Chikon-Kishin-no-Gyo training. Simply speaking, I was told, if I wanted to understand O-Sensei's mindset as a first step towards understanding his martial art, I would have to eat the way he did to change my blood and brain function along the same lines. This goes much, much further, but I am not permitted to discuss deeper levels of this particular training.

The point of my explanation is that experience has taught me to follow the instructions in order to understand the instructions at some point later on. The instruction you keep receiving is go and train with some of the people with whom you are interested in having this conversation. Without that experience the conversation has no real use and is really just a waste of time, yours and anyone who really does have the goods and would love to share them with you... in training to all.


I no longer participate in or read the discussion forums here on AikiWeb due to the unfair and uneven treatment of people by the owner/administrator.
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