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Question The Dojo Seed-The big question.

I'll try to keep this as short as possible. My work and my family situation pose a problem as far as getting to the nearest dojo for practice. They are all more than 25 miles away; I have researched this many times hoping to find one that I missed each time I look.
I want to devote a decent amount of time to Aikido, but it becomes difficult when it's mostly travel time. In the past I would not have minded so much. But now I have 5 children and being a paramedic (my wife also) mt schedule is...odd.
Some time ago a 2nd dan suggested something to me that I only recently remembered, and I wanted to get the input of others on the forum to help me figure out whether to move forward or not.
She suggested that, even though I was of no significant rank, that I could establish a dojo and have a teacher come and teach when ever they could. If this is plausible it would help me follow my dream of Aikido.
So...lay it on me. What do you think? I am looking forward to your replies. Thank you.

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