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Re: What is the correct hand placement when do kote gaeshi?

Phuong Vu wrote: View Post
what is the correct way to grip the uke hand when we do the kote gaeshi?
And which kind of kote gaeshi below here is better? I have 2 sensei at my dojo and both studied the different style, 1 is aikikai and 1 is shishiya-nishio. I often get confused and don't know which is better to do and to learn? I just want to stick to 1 to get a the good habit.

shishiya- nishio way

aikikai one ... I think

In addition, how the leg should move? step back or step in front in order not to get hit by uke's free hand?
Thank you so much!
Phuong, do both. There are stylistic differences but the principle of kote-gaeshi is the same. If you're keen on picking one then use the one that works best for you.
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