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Re: Four Generations of the Ueshiba Family

Thanks for taking the time to reply Chris.

Also thank you for giving some examples of benefits and how you think things should be run. You said the following regarding my comment that no one expects Doshu to inspect every person recommended for accreditation:
Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Of course, he can't, that's the point. The problem with the lineage system on a large scale is that it breaks down and there are no checks, no oversight on it.
I think you missed my point. You still appear to refuse to accept that a dan ran rank examined and grecommendedh from that 9th dan is a rank earned from that 9th dan. I think it is his name that goes in the examiner field of the Yudansha booklet.

Since you mentioned academic accreditation, I have a couple of university degree certificates signed by someone I do not know and whom Ifm pretty sure never read my thesis or vetted any of my work in person (especially the parts I did on exchange at a university in another country).

And we are talking about a glineagesh (plural) system in my opinion. You have not shown how there are no checks or that there is no oversight on what I perceive as a system of lineages gathering around the iemoto-supplied figurehead.
Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Imagine a system in which a doctor can license other doctors - who can then license other doctors on their own. Would you trust yourself to such a system?
So who gives licenses to doctors if not others qualified to be doctors? As for gon their ownh are you saying that there is no discussion among the gdoctorsh before or after testing within the renmei or higher up? That no one is rejected by panels of other gdoctorsh within their gfieldsh of medicine?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
There are dozens of professional organizations and assiociations in the US that provide resources and professional development for their members. The American Medical Association, for example. These organizations can also provide legal aid and advice, insurance, discounted membership purchasing programs and much more. In other words, tangible benefits.
I think the gwhatfs in it for meh reason for membership is not a good reason for membership.

Glancing at my degree certificates again, I don't think I get any of these benefits. All they do is show that I completed a couple of programmes. Whether I actually gained any skills in doing so is another matter, but compared to the guy who has nothing to show for his studies, I have an indication of the possibility of transmission.

The medical profession is a bit different in that if you donft have the skills, people donft get better, get worse, die etc so even to the layman it tends to be obvious early on in that glineageh if you arenft getting the basic gwazah.

Again, I wonder if you have contacted the Aikikai directly. Are you publishing your complaints internationally on the internet following the rejection of your ideas?

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
As for breaking lineages and violating proper etiquette - it's not very hard to argue that this is what Morihei Ueshiba and the post-war Aikikai already did, isn't it?
I donft know. Are you suggesting Aikido is a motoha of Daito-ryu? Even a motoha is a facet of Japanese organisation and etiquette.


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