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Re: Sensing energy from far away: is this achievable or BS?

I was in a seminar once and was accused of being too pre-emptive.

I said they had started their attack.

Before the hand moves, the elbow moves. Before the elbow moves, the shoulder moves. The shoulder moves because we breathe in before we breathe out an attack. Before we attack, we see an opening and the eye pupil dilates to to minimum emotional arousal and visual recognition. When the eye got darker, I entered.

Learning to read minimal micro-expression is a skill. There even several apps for it. Read Paul Eckman or watch Lie to me. Some call it intuition. Some thinks its skill acquisition.

While I am unsure of an "extra" sense, I do believe we can gain extra-sensitive perception to minimal subtle cues (including on a kinestethic/energetic sense).

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