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Re: Sensing energy from far away: is this achievable or BS?

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I have no access to a dojo so I can only train with a Yudashan friend who has 16 years of Aikido training. Granted, I respect him as my sempai, but the guy is an attention vampire and a lot of what he says make me really scratch my ear.

Every time we met a girl, he would try to ask if she had some training. If the answer is yes, then he proceeded to say "of course you do, I can figure that out a mile a way just by the way you walk". That has become kinda annoying and confusing to me, because, no pun intended, some of those ladies I think walk like an elephant. The others would say they have only trained for a few months.
So what does he say when they say they've only trained a bit or not at all? I know I could tell who has training by asking them first too! I must be magic.

Yes, you can learn to read someone's intent. But it sounds like your friend is an ass with a bad pickup line. Even side show fortune tellers do better. Read up on cold reading (
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