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Sensing energy from far away: is this achievable or BS?

I have no access to a dojo so I can only train with a Yudashan friend who has 16 years of Aikido training. Granted, I respect him as my sempai, but the guy is an attention vampire and a lot of what he says make me really scratch my ear.

Every time we met a girl, he would try to ask if she had some training. If the answer is yes, then he proceeded to say "of course you do, I can figure that out a mile a way just by the way you walk". That has become kinda annoying and confusing to me, because, no pun intended, some of those ladies I think walk like an elephant. The others would say they have only trained for a few months. Other than that he keeps telling me that at a certain level in aikido he can sense the intention of everyone around him and tell with certainty if someone around him has training or not. During training he like to punch me midway when I come in, as I'm always uke. When I said "you are not supposed to do that" he keep saying "you have to sense my energy "

Is this just a pile of mumbo-jumbo that a narcissistic Shodan use to try to impress me and other lower ranking people? Or is there some truth to this? I know that aikido is all about situational awareness, but this "sensing the Force" thing sounds like BS to me. And frankly I'm vulnerable to his teaching since I'm only a 4th kyu, so I need to know when he is BSing to make sure I keep that part out of my ears.

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