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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Or you could just assign my posts as some rambling drivel by an unknown heretic who's clueless to the aikido world.
Actually Mark I find your posts contain lots of well thought out points that present the, shall we say,"Dan-centric" view of Aikido very well. You probably know that I view Aikido as an art with a very wide spectrum of applicability and, as such, don't believe that there are any heretical interpretations of Ueshiba's creation.

Before I decided to accept anyone else's word on the subject I should like to hear Mr. Steven's rebuttal of the criticism leveled at him. As he doesn't post here, and for all I know, isn't even aware of the controversy, that'll probably not come to pass.

No matter though, in the long run it's one's training that matters.



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