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Re: philosophical or practical martial art?

Carsten Möllering wrote: View Post
I just wanted to know whether the picture of a Ueshiba, being someone who did sometimes hurt his uke makes a difference to what people think of him and of what he taught.

And I simply was interested whether people know only this mentionend inicident or whether there is a knowledge of more of such. But this to me is only a question of "historical" interest. I just like to know things.

For me myself it doesn't change anything. But I was never arguing that aikido is designed to not hurt an attacker or that Ueshiba didn't hurt someone.
Hi Carsten.
Thanks for the clarification. I have read on here somewhere when someone pointed out an incident where the ukes hip was damaged but it sounded remarkably similar to the one you already know about. I think there's many versions of this same one floating about. Exaggerations abound no doubt.

I wouldn't be surprised if there are more, especially pre 1945, for he was a martial arts teacher and exponent over a lifetime.

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