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Re: The tool of resistance in teaching Aikido

Lan Powers wrote: View Post
Funny, we have a young man in training now who is so very , very flexable that his ukemi is always unconnected and silly-looking.
Recently, after being encouraged to not be so concerned with trying to twiiiiiiisssssst out of everything, (resembling a contortionist) he has gone the other route and lately is just the sort of uke you have described.....finding his own balance in ukemi..
A fun young guy tho....just young.
Ah the twisty resistors are an interesting group. They twist, contort, and stretch armstrong their way out of your technique to show that it doesn't work on them. I especially like it when they expose their weakside. What they don't know is that you could have attacked them 500 different ways by the time they finished twisting.
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