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What is Aikido?

Dear forum'ers,

I have been in the Yoshinkan style for umpteen years. I have been very comfortable with their teaching style, i.e., step by step, each technique broken down to its core and analyzed and reconnected.

Now that I am in my Dan grades, on many occasion I surprise my self, b'coz in randori, what I did is not aikido, well, not 'kata' type anyway. The funny thing is, instead of correcting me, my sensei encourages me to 'find' my aikido. Also, pls note I have never cross train with other type of MA. I find it very surprising that I can come out with some totally new stuff that is out of the standard Yoshinkan syllables.

Right now, i have feeling inside, it's nagging me. To describe it... it is like, I am at a threshold of understanding something deeper, which I still cannot comprehend. i do not know what is it that i will come to understand but my mind is busy searching for an answer. Right now, if pressed for a question... I will have to ask myself - What is my aikido?

However there is something I have come to understand, but i dare not comfirm it. I see that there is no style in MA. In this forum, there are many thread discussing what to do if Aikido vs ving Tsun, Aikido vs BJJ etc. My understanding conclude that how a person utilises MA is entirely situational, and the movement must be at its most economical, most natural and doesn't go against the natural personality of the practitioner.

I hope, I am making sense because I am myself not sure what question to ask. So as my title goes - What is aikido?. I hope to seek answer from those who may have experience similar thoughts as well those experience teachers to enlighten me.

Humbly yours,

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