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Re: Beginners should not be allowed to act as uke.

Peter Boylan wrote: View Post
My complete thoughts on the subject are at
[COLOR=black][FONT=Arial]"You can see then why I cringe when I see beginners working together so much of the time in many judo and aikido dojo. A beginner training with other beginners will have a difficult time trying to learn anything useful. The attacks they receive won't help them learn distancing or timing. They may even learn the wrong lessons. If they learn to react to attacks that would never reach them they are learning bad distancing and timing. The same if they think someone has to stand very close to initiate an attack. Attacks that are too weak don't give tori experience with appropriate energy levels, while attacks the are too energetic too early can easily injury tori, or cause them to react with energy they can't control yet, which can injury uke."[/FONT][/COLOR]

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