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Re: How many days a week ?

I've been training five times a week (and sometimes more due to seminars) for the last four months and four times a week for a while before that. Class is for 1 - 1.5 hours each day but I'm usually there close to an hour early. During that time I stretch out and work on bokken and jo kata for 10-15 minutes (I don't have too much patience for weapons work, at least not yet), then train with whoever else is there early. Sometimes we play after class as well.
I am now in Alaska for the summer, far from a dojo, but have found that our regular warm-up routine is a good start to my morning.
I really miss Aikido and will be so excited to go back in August. However, like many of you have been saying, time is needed for everything to sink in. My sensei says he thinks my aikido will be better when I return for this reason. I have been training very intensely and certainly not immediately absorbing all I have learned.
Boy will it be good to get back on the mat though!
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