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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Well, that didn't go well did it?
Here I thought you were being far more innocuous than this.
As for me...
I don't where you got your education or training, but in my world the way to produce video, to advertize, and to have an organization.
I don't do video, even for my own people
I don't even advertize my own dojo
and I don't have any organization at all.

Were I interested in growing...I am doing all the wrong things!
Were I interested in training with groups of people who might actually get this away from the limelight...I am spot on.

I any event, I now get the tenor of your views of me and will not converse with you further.
A very good marketing ploy and it works well, again very manipulative in itself if I might say so..... Dan you are a very clever chap so power to you and those that are easily led, good luck...
You can check me out anytime, but there is no information on you, I find that a little strange as I'm sure a few others do, You must have had teachers and the like, so who are they? Where was your training? What ranks did you receive? You say you have grappling and MMA experience? Well lets hear your story, I'm truly interested, We only have the say so of those you have as students on this site and a few other leads who still know nothing about you? But it seems even they can't come up with any information, but just say so as they like you? Again I find this strange? Even Takeda & Ueshiba were well known and connected in their own spheres as are other martial artists yet nobody has heard or knows anything about you....
You see, I am not in MA for the money as you seem to say you aren't and are quick to defend your expenses on your seminars, as I was just doing a few sums to articulate in a previous post. Going by all concerned it was a pretty successful seminar numbers wise, so you must have made a few bob? Not everyone on video is trying to advertise but just put up their stuff, nothing wrong with that, in fact I wish a few more on this site would, even Graham does, bless his cotton cosy....
All those I have asked to put up seem to have shut up, so I can take flack , but it seems many on here can't as they are far too sensitive about what they don't know...... who really cares?
What I don't like are manipulators, whether I'm wrong or right I don't know, but my experience of martial arts "masters" would have me guessing that way.... Sadly nine times out of ten I am usually right, but that is no surprise as human nature is not always honest is it.......
The geezer from Aunkai, if I got that right, has some demo video up
so I can see what he is doing and can also see what he is doing with his body, which is not far off what I am doing with mine, or very similar....
You won't, so I cannot buy into something I am not even able to have a peek at before I decide to buy, hence my suspicion, even with your fans on this site saying how good you are, then again I have experienced something like this before and was very disappointed when I have paid to be taught something I have already learnt for myself, such is life....
Oh please don't worry about your freebie offer I knew it wasn't for real
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