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Re: Basics, basics, basics

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Not interested Tony.
Neither are you really. I see no actual interest from you when I was in your town and offered to host you for don't even remember it, because you never once took it seriously. No big deal to me, I don't mind the fun, but don't think for a minute I am taking you seriously either.
If however, you decide to get serious, shoot me line. I assure you- you are NOT doing what I do, and frankly you would not last a minute with what I could to you will. Yes, I just said that.
I bear you no ill will. You are me on any other day. I didn't believe in this stuff either when I first encountered it...I find it sort of a divine comedy that I am now an advocate. God has a great sense of humor.

Maybe we'll meet someday. I like to think it will be with a smile and open arms. And after...beers and dinner.
In the mean time, good on you for calling people on their crap.
Dear Dan,
I have read your comments to Tony.Personally I find them offensive. You [may I suggest ]stop issuing out statements like 'you would not last a minute etc '.Its not necessary to blow your own Big horn or try and be the fastest gun in town.You might just might just meet someone , think your the top man , and end up with egg on your chin.Remember no matter how big, good you think you are , there is always somebody bigger /better etc.
Modesty does not seem to me to be your forte.In my book anybody who makes these type of remarks should curb their ego.
You might think your the bees knees[maybe you are ]but I think you are just demeaning others and yourself.
Cheers, Joe.
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