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Re: Aikido Comes to Hawaii

Hello Ross,

Thank your for your deeply insightful articles, and your obviously great love for Aikido. I do enjoy the different perspectives you bring, and find much to learn from them, and from you.

Sadly, I did not have much of a relationship with Kobayashi Sensei, as I was considered to be Isao Takahashi Sensei's son via marriage, and not part of an inner circle which was close to Tohei Sensei and his mission.

Although I did have dealings with Tohei Sensei on other levels, mainly because of my being the Chicago Aikido Club's second instructor after Chester Sasaki, I did move in different circles, and chose to develop my Aikido in different directions.

I have heard of Kobayashi Sensei's family involvement with Tohei Sensei's coming to Hawaii, but have no resources to confirm this. I gladly accept at face value your recollection of such a historical account, but can only honestly recollect being told of my own grandfather's involvement.

Again, because of Kobayashi Sensei's decision to unconditionally support Tohei Sensei and his mission, this resulted in a barrier of sorts, both due to my personal philosophy of supporting the Founder, the late Doshu, and of Aikikai Foundation, and the fact that I married a key figure in Aikido's history, who knew all the players at the Aikikai, especially the Founder. As such, my allegiance to Aikikai Foundation and of its loyal personalities, made me appear to be antagonistic to both Tohei Sensei's ambitions, and to those who purported to support him in the fashion they did.

As we age, and hopefully mature, what seemed true in the past takes on different hues, scents and importance with additional knowledge and thoughtful review. It would have been a true gift to now have conversations with Kobayashi Sensei, and with others who chose to follow Tohei Sensei and his organizational direction.. What a wealth of insights and shared experiences we would have had, mending a rift of purposes in the true spirit of the Aiki of the Founder.

Thanks again for your kind words, and I look forward to benefiting from your future contributions to the Aiki Web, and to Aikdo.

In Oneness,
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