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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Lorel Latorilla wrote: View Post
Well if that was true, someone like Kimura (who Sagawa said was the only person he really taught) would not have the skills. There a testimonies of many people that can give account to that.
Kimura plainly "got it' -- there is no reason to question it.. How and in what manner-- there's the question. The same question goes for Sagawa and his father in their experience with Takeda, and Ueshiba after them.

Sure some methodologies are better articulated than others, but to say that Sagawa didn't purposely hide stuff from students is ridiculous. Sagawa must have had a clear methodology with intelligible language...if he didn't, would it have been possible for him to get to the level of aiki that he got to?
Did he? On what evidence? The statement of the man who in the same breath admits to deceiving students who trusted him? Don't get me wrong, noting this disconnect is not meant as disrespect -- but a man who burdens himself with the cloak of dishonesty suggests a greater shame he conceals.

Is it all "hard work" and no understanding of what he is training?
Not "no understanding" -- but not a conceptual understanding from objective principles-- THAT is the Western way -- and it also has its faults -- but inconsistency and lack of distinctions is not among them.


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