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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

Erick wrote:
I really don't think Sagawa was intentionally holding back the "secret knowledge.. I think he was one of those that "got it" in perceiving the manner of action -- but he was not well-able to describe for his own students what exactly he was doing. He knew how he had developed it and developed it further -- and tried to use those traditional modes to transmit it -- and failed MISERABLY.

To the contrary, Sagawa had a very detailed and specific training regimen that drove the development and refinement of his skill throughout his life. He chose not to share it with others until a few years before his death. Once he did share some of his training methods, his students started to develop skills.

Sagawa said (as translated from Transparent Power, by Tatsuo Kimura):
"I have taught my disciples a few things about how to train because no matter how much they trained, got strong, and challenged me, I still managed to throw them around easily -- but until a few years ago, I didn't tell anyone even this much. Having a secret method known only to you leads to improvement. If you teach others everything, you become just like everyone else. You lose the drive to advance. I have my own methods that no one else knows about, which I have continued to practice."
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