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Basia Halliop
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Re: What Is Your Responsibility in Training?

I've been to many seminars that had some classes that were divided by rank, e.g. yudansha only, or ikkyu and up, etc. Or on the other hand yukyusha classes where yudansha could still attend but with the understanding that their focus was on helping the yukyusha. No reason you couldn't have a seminar that was sandan/yondan/whatever and up... Or private 'by-invitation-or-recommendation-only' seminars.

Although I've also seen some teachers are remarkably good at teaching both in the same lesson... e.g. teaching something that's superficially simple that the beginners have a chance of picking up something from, but that more advanced students will be able to see more layers to.

Another related issue is the size of the seminar. The way you teach and what results you can expect sometimes have to be different for a 'presentation' vs a 'tutorial' style (i.e., how much it's possible to interact with the individual students). Small seminars can be awesome...
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