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` Japanezing ` is not unique to your present dojo, you will find it in many other dojos in some form or another.
I have noticed that in many dojos they use more and more Japanese than I can could ever understand. As in many countries, here in the UK we have many area dialects, some are hard to understand even if you are English :-) can you imagine the different Japanese terminology being spoken. I recall when I was with Chiba Sensei in the late 1960s, we were visiting a northern dojo where Sensei was greeted in unison in ``Japanese `` , Chiba Sensei looked quizzically at me and asked " Mr Ellis, what did they say ?" , I just gave Sensei a blank look as I had no idea.

In the 1950s Kenshiro Abbe Sensei had no names for techniques, he would simply indicate the technique and say " necessary " .
We managed fine with that.
I understand that Sensei Ken Williams the first UK student of Aikido now teaches Aikido witth only Engish names for all the techniques.
As a student of just nine months, I don't see your teacher appreciating you questioning his teaching. As I said earlier, take the best from this and any dojo, which I think that students do all over the world....

Henry Ellis
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