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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

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Jason Casteel:
Aiki is the result of a body that is conditioned to instantly convey forces to and from the ground in a relaxed state, free of muscular force/tension and then manipulate that force both physically (movement) and/or mentally (intent).

I think this is getting back to what I believe we are now calling structure. Am I wrong? Opinions?

On the note of structure, I would like to introduce the idea of "body skill". I would like to use this word to refer to someone who has the ability to use their body in a powerful manner. For example someone with good internal ability as Mike, or Mark might describe would have good "body skill". However I would like to use this word to describe more. For example some one who has lots of agility, strength, speed or coordination would have good "body skill" as well.

I have an idea that this word might become very useful shortly, as we start to approach an idea of what "Aiki" is.
We're almost talking in circles Chris. I thought at this point it was clear that conditioning the body and that "structure" (again, not just skeletal structure) are a part of this picture, but not the whole picture. Without a body conditioned in this manner, you can't begin to effectively manage or work with these forces.

Body skill is not a new word around these parts in this context. As there is significant body training (or retraining) involved. Again, we have another divergence. What you call body skill, I would simply call body mechanics. No need to change terms or throw a new one into the mix, especially when you're trying to apply the same term to two completely different things.