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Re: Re: Re: Still looking at the finger...

Originally posted by Richard Harnack

Yes that is true, however we are still talking about Aikido, not the Way of the Tech Nine.
Huh? How do you get from "striking" to "tech nine"? I'm not talking about the Matrix, I'm talking about basic martial techniques and strategies.

"So are Nishio and Kuroiwa lazy or is what they are doing actually Aikido? If a strike or a kick conforms to Aikido principles why can it not then be called Aikido?"

I doubt either are lazy and I would imagine that borh would very vehemently state that they are doing Aikido. The lazy comment is for students who do not examine their own beliefs in the light of factual knowledge or who refuse to consider anything which might contradict a belief.
So if they're not lazy it would be acceptable to you to include boxing or karate techniques in and Aikido curriculum? Or are you saying that, in your opinion, that what they are doing is not Aikido?


"Sounds like quite a stretch to me. You could use a sword for other things, but a sword is also a tool designed for a single purpose - killing people (you'd have a stronger argument with a knife...). I could use a gun to hunt for food. I could use a rifle to splint leg, or as a cane."

Actually, in regard to the sword, not as much of a stretch as you might think. I refer you to the Yagyu family scroll and Musashi's Five Rings for the germane discussions on Katsu Jinken.
I've read the Heihokadensho and the Gorinnosho, both in Japanese and in English (the Japanese versions were more interesting, BTW). Interestingly, there are plenty of examples on the other side using firearms in the same meaning. After all, what do "peacekeeping" forces use? Is it your argument that this kind of thing is possible with a sword but not with a gun? And if so, why?

Please do me a favor and never splint my leg with a rifle, unless you first break it down, remove all shells and take out the firing pin. Or if you prefer, hand it to me so I can pull the trigger several times with the barrel away from me just to make certain it was empty.

And please, if you need a cane please use a tree limb or a bokken, not a rifle. Forget the bad "B" war movies showing this use of the rifle. What they fail to show is the same idiot forgetting that he used it for a cane, then attempting to fire it with the barrel clogged -- kerblooie, the gene pool is improved.
Well, I wouldn't exactly want to use a shinken for chopping brush or digging holes either, not unless I made a lot more money than I do now. My point was that if you're going to make up silly examples to try and establish that the sword is not really a killing weapon then it's possible to do the same thing for firearms.

The finger is still pointing at the moon.
Hmm, maybe you ought to look at the moon then .



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