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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Christian Moses wrote:
Ju/aiki is not evasion. It's subtle direction and *control*. Period. Your definition of aiki seems to include any physical skill.
But I say that evasion is the first step of aiki--evasion while keeping one's own balance and ability to move at will.

If you can't keep the opponent from landing his force on you, then you can't effect direction and control. If you can't keep him from trapping you, you certainly can't then trap him.

So evasion is the root of aiki, and that's all I have ever said that children have: the root. But they have the whole root, viable and able to be cultivated. They can evade the efforts of much larger, stronger people, maintain their own position and be ready to move again at will. You just gave an excellent example of a toddler doing all that.

Once they can do that, they can learn to subtle direction and how to take control. But without that ability, you have nothing to build on.

Does that make more sense?

Best to you.


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