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Re: The Essence of Training

Peter A Goldsbury wrote: View Post
... in my own dojos here in Hiroshima, my students ... do not come to practice aikido because they want to understand the essence of training or to become better people... .
They come for repeated practice ... .
This is also true for the way of practicing aikido as I learned it from my teacher and try to do it myself.
Just practice ... .

Christian Tissier once said, being asked why he holds on to praticing aikido, that he feels it is "simply the right thing to do for him". (cited from heart)
My teacher after practice just asks with a smile : "Did you move yourself?" (Don't know how this sounds in english. There are some connotations in German I can't transfer.)
That's our "purpose" of training.
Just do, just repeat, just get what the teacher tries to show, try to do it. And do it again ... .
Or I think of Endo sensei: "Practice means kneading body and mind."
(I think this way of practice just works when having a teacher who has to give something.)

For me it's like breathing: You just have to do it. That's all. I know how it works, but usually I just do it. All the time.

So we do aikido today, tomorrow, day after tomorrow, next week, month, on and on.
This I think is the essence of training as I or my teacher and a lot of the students I know understand it. And this I think will give everything, aikido can give and will form the practioner. (When really having a teacher.)

But this way needs to train and train and train. Overandoveragain.

So I tried to give training a very high priority in my daily life because I think aikido only reveals itself when practiced most often. It's just that.
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