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Originally posted by Dean H.
Now, I am just a beginner, but as far as the sword goes, don't Musashi and Saotome Shihan teach the two sword style, so that there is plenty of encouragement for the left-handed style (I know this is different than using left-handed grips during traditional right-handed practice)? Couldn't this concept be justly applied to the jo? Maybe this is moving away from pure Aikido.
As you say, the two-sword deal doesn't have anything to do with reversing the hands on in ken kamae. Neither does "pure aikido". (I personally don't believe such a critter exists, nor should).

For various reasons, there simply is no left-handed sword work. I don't want to get into all the reasons now, but do a web search and look into it.

When I hold the jo in ken kamae, I use it like a sword. That's why holding it left-handed would seem weird to me.

It doesn't feel weird to me to tsuki left-handed. I guess I got used to it from the choku tsuki at the end of the 31 awase/kumijo (the uchi side, not side opposite the kata).


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