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Mike Sigman
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Re: Highest Level Martial Arts and Aikido

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Both my own teacher and Robert Mustard Sensei have demo'd this technique, but I personally have no way of evaluating it from the video in terms of what you are looking for. I believe there is video on Mustard Sensei's site of him doing this techn. at the Doshinkan.
Hmmmmmm. Mustard isn't doing anything at all close to the level I was talking about, Ron. I'm just realizing that I was the one who screwed up in asking the question... if someone doesn't have experience in what I'm talking about they're not going to see it. Well duh for me. Sorry, my mistake. If you'll remember that anecdote I posted in which Chen Fa Ke allowed a well-known shuai-jiao expert to grab his wrist and the wrestler immediately couldn't move (even his feet), this is also an example of the same technique I'm talking about. Shioda was playing around with it, Sunadomari was using it (or a variant of it)... that's what I'm looking for, but it dawns on me you won't see it if you don't know it. I guess my best question is to ask for the names of the top 4 or 5 deshi from the old days that are still alive. I'm curious to see if this level permeated the earliy students of if Sunadomari and Shioda got it independently from somewhere else. If I see one more of the "older generation" displaying this skill, then it's interesting indeed.


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