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Re: Aikido And the military.

I am in the Army. (although spent 10 years in the Air Force). Great Dojo's in the DC area if you go to Andrews, Pentagon, or other places in the area. I am in Germany now and nearest dojo is about 30KM away so it is not something I can do often.

On the side note, my battalion just set up the most awesome dojo I have ever seen! It is literally wall to wall interlocking tatami and it will hold about 120 folks! I also have barracks to house at least that many too! (can you say seminar!!!). Chuck Gordon you out there??? Come on down!! We just got it finished!

I have the fortune to be able to work with soldiers in my battalion. Unfortunately, they don't really do aikido, but it is fun throwing the wrestlers and MMA guys around. I am just starting up a combatives program for our guys. It is not aikido, but you do what you have to in order to train!!
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