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That is a good thing about ecclectic styles though. If it's a good combination, everything is there for you. My Karate style also has a little Jujitsu and my Jujitsu style(at least i think it's mostly jujitsu) has a little karate and wing chun. And they both teach a variety of weapons. I hope to be a very well rounded, skilled, and knowledgeable fighter after training in these styles for a long period of time. Though I still do hope my new style is mostly or at least a big part of it is Aikido.

About the Tea Bags... You guys do know I was talking about a quote that was mentioned a couple posts ago referring to ecclectic systems, right? All this smoking tea stuff is getting me confused.

About Wing Chun... How closely related is it to Aikido? It isn't very popular is it? Wouldn't it be hard to find a wing chun school? At least on east side US, where I live.

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