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Tea and Sympathy

The meat of the matter is that I, and other visitors to this forum, do aikido.
If you do not do aikido, then I am not sure what any of us can tell you.
Budo is a fairly universal language when one is more deeply versed in it, but those just learning the alphabet don't yet know that all these different letters can make very similar words.

All arts are derivative of something.
However, snippets of aikido from someone who may not have studied it seriously enough to gain its deep benefits is like judging tea before it is fully steeped. Kinda watery.

Ask your teacher where he studied, under who and for how long. Just conversationally.

I agree that Wing Tsun is a neat addition/complement to aikido. I took it for a little while for that reason.

I now study a system of jujutsu with kempo and weapons integrated so I don't have to "cross train" any more, it's all here for me.
Yes, I still do aikido, have for 8 years or so.

Good luck!

(weren't we all supposed to be on Real Names here?)

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