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Kami Wrote:
Bruce Tegner, of infamous memory in the 60's, "created" an art called JUKADO (you know it...JUdo, KArate and AIkido...); someone devised an art he called "X-Jutsu-Do" (Jutsu and Do together???) and in Brazil an art was "created" called "AMI-JUTSU"("Arte marcial Integrativa" Jutsu - Integrated Martial Art-Jutsu). I think I even heard about a "SUGAR-RYU JUJUTSU" (Heaven help us!)
The list is non-ending...

I am from India. There are several clowns out here who claim to have found new Martial Art Forms. After Mas Oyama's Kyokushin Kai Kan style of Karate became popular out here two of the new styles that came out were :
"Byagra Kan" and "Mawtsho Kan"
When you come to know that in local lingo Byagra means tiger and Mawtsho means - hold your breath - Fish !!!, you really can't help laughing.
That too from India, where authentic ancient martial styles like Kalaripayyat evolved and still exist. I don't know why people go copying and mimicking and making clowns of themselves in this fashion.

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