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I began my martial arts training in Wing Chun Kung Fu when I started college. When I transfered to a new college (a better one) I was no longer able to study Wing Chun (no dojo around). I started reading about Aikido and learned that the philosophy of Aikido and its principles were very similar to Wing Chun (just without the kicks and strikes). Wing Chun focuses on timing and using the opponents imbalance against them. An example would be during "trapping hands" exercises.

Depending on how the training at your new dojo is conducted, I would say that the two arts of Wing Chun and Aikido make good complements. Both were developed with the intention of not having to use much of your own strength to successfully accomplish the techniques (Wing Chun was founded by a Chinese Nun who saw the need for a martial art that allowed smaller, less physically strong people to defend themselves).

I don't think the art would be "traditional" in the sense that this style most likely only takes the good from each art. You know, it sounds similar to Jeet Kun Do (art founded by Bruce Lee). Sensei Lee combined aspects of Wing Chun, Fencing, Boxing, and Judo when he developed Jeet Kun Do.

Good luck with your training and have a good day!

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