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Re: Aikido and violence...

Ward Ward (W^2) wrote:
An Aikidoka, sober and centered, is in a Night Club standing with their back to the wall not interacting with anyone. Suddenly a decidedly intoxicated patron - having mistaken the Aikidoka for someone else -- attacks with a right cross. The Aikidoka simply steps off-line and the assailant breaks his hand and wrist having struck the wall full force. ~Ward
Huh, if I encountered such an incident and I could handle it with such effortless expertise my teacher would sport a grin from ear to ear. Guys, don't worry, with all my aikido skills my best option in any altercation would be to run away, not resort to violence (yes, I know, best to avoid any altercations in the first place)... but I do know from prior experience that I wouldn't let an attacker find me an easy pushover. I think one of the best things about aikido is that I can try to train myself to stay aware and find a win/win solution as my first automatic response in any situation... and that's an attitude that I can apply in daily life.
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