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John Boswell, I like your analogies about 'good control' 'bad control' and 'poor control'. I believe aikido people do fall into those categories according to their progress in the art. In order to exercise an option you have to have options to begin with, and so I practice aikido to expand my range of options. If I'm lucky I'll sail through life with people all agreeing how soft and fuzzy I am (here my dojo-mates will laugh their heads off), but if one day during some emergency situation I really need that iron fist in my velvet glove, I think I'd feel very sorry if I only used the velvet glove to store marshmallows. That being said, I think most everyone in my dojo accepts that one's response to accidental injury is considered to be part of the training, if it happens. Since the intent was not there to purposely injure the person, then it is usually accepted with the determination to improve our timing, distance, skills, control, whatever. I don't know that I'd call that violence, however.
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