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Dennis Hooker
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It seems everyone has a little different opinion about violence, and a different evaluation about what I wrote. I personally believe the response to aggression should be final and tempered with good judgment. I do not think it should change me emotionally or mentally. I did not use the word love anywhere and I did not mention ethics. Another subject though not altogether unrelated. I am not sure my original meaning was very well transmitted. I believe Aikido is a very aggressive art. The moment the attack is identified the counter attack starts. To me Aikido is very pro active. I do believe that what is in a person's mind and heart mater. It is I believe what sets us apart and gives us that ability to move beyond the base animal "human being" to the more discriminating art of "being human" and realizing the consequence that should go along with that.

Again I have probably misstated my mind by hell I just a hick form the sticks trying to make since of a lifetime doing this stuff.

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