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Russ Qureshi
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Mastering that violent beast within, eh? I've been practising for 9 years now and have never had to engage with an attacker physically during that time..., so...., I DON'T KNOW if I would react violently. I BELIEVE that if it were a situation whereby I was defending my loved ones I would be perfectly capable of resorting to utter ("I can't believe I did that to another person") violence.

I DO KNOW that the past years of training have offered me a unique opportunity to discover just who "I" am and what I value. I like to think that given the right set of circumstances, in a physical confrontation, I would choose the take down over the break. But, I don't really know.

Terrys' story is the pinnacle of Aikido to me. To take in all that rage and to give back compassion and empathy. The openness and emptiness needed to remain "in the moment" during that kind of situation....WOW.

I think those of us with little or no actual "fighting" experience tread on thin ice with this particular topic of discussion so I'm going to stop while I can....

More from Dennis and Daniel, please....


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