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I have to say, Drew, that you live in a different world than I do. I believe that words and actions mean something and mitigating circumstances do not matter when the final analysis is made.

If you break someones arm in a loving 'aiki mind' way you still put him in a cast for 6 weeks and leave him subject to his livlihood.

Kindly, loving intent won't bring someone back to life. Violence is violence and your 'intent' simply doesn't matter. Aikido is very good at allowing us to mitigate the results of violent actions, but it is simply nonsense to think that what we do is anything but extreme violence. Utter nonsense. How many wives are battered by men who 'love them soooo much...' How many children die at the hands of fathers or boyfriends who discipline them for their own good because they 'love them'?

Should the courts excuse them for their violence because it is done with loving intent? Get real. All martial arts teach people how to perform violent actions on their fellow people. If you need to mitigate THAT with some philosophical mumbo jumbo about 'intent' then I would hate to listen to you discuss politics.

No offense intended.

Daniel G. Linden
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