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Re: new member in 98501

The Olympia dojo Lynn referred to is the only aikido dojo listed on AikiWeb, but it may not be the only one in your area. From that dojo's website I can tell you that it practices a style of aikido that is descended from the style that I first studied. It's a "soft" style that practices the execution of physical techniques with an emphasis on the coordination of one's mind and body. Judging from your post I think that that style would be a good one for you, at least to start in. The chief instructor is a 6th degree black belt, which is a very senior rank, especially in that style.

As Lynn said, the dojo has an introductory class a week from this Saturday (, but they probably welcome prospective students to watch a class before stepping on the mat. That will give you a good idea of what aikido is, as well as the general atmosphere of the school. If you choose to watch a class first, I recommend their Basic Aikido and/or General Aikido classes.

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