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*MR.* Lapins? Wow! I feel like a respectable citizen again! Either that or I'm back in high school and the dean has me in his office...<shudder>

Tuesday night, a beginner in class didn't believe that she was really "doing" the technique because it was so easy. I agreed to attack hard with resistance if she would throw hard and quickly. What resulted was her doing a beautiful shionage that didn't quite get to my shoulder (uh oh!), and me doing a last-minute shionage breakfall. She said that I had just fallen for her to make her look good. I corrected her, letting her know that I fell for my elbow. It REALLY wanted me to go over. ;^)

The goal is to be able to do a throw with no extra help from extreme pain or fear of joint dislocation, and we should always strive for this. But if we haven't reached that point, don't be discouraged. It will still "work," it just makes uke's fall more...interesting.

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