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Bruce Baker
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I know there are some typo's in my previous post, but my van finally got the new engine in it, so I ran off.

Yeah, the coin rolling past is a good one, but remember to not raise your hands above your forehead, or out to the side as you pivot to the outside, rubbing your forehead above the eyebrows is a good reference for where you want to be.

What I wanted to get into was that I had modified my practice to a kneeling submission, because of my illness, and it brought to mind how many people could refrain from using weapons, punching and kicking to detain perpetrators by a simple shihonage to their knees?

I must modify my practice, but in doing so, I find ever more validity for the variations of techniques, the use of joint locks for restraint, and little to no reason to affect the types of striking weapons most law enforcement employs ... batons, sticks, and the like.

Play dumb, if you are having a hard time doing a technique, until enough of the details are exposed so that your mind is clear on what parameters must be met to do a technique properly. Once you have the knowledge, even if it takes a life time to master it, at least you will know how to help yourself, or others should they ask?

Good practice to you.
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