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Re: Three words

Peter Lovatt (Genex) wrote:
Extention, extention, extention.

If you've got your Uke extended with your elbow up under his how is he going anywhere?

then step through (omote) or tenkan (ura) and cut down, instant mat splat. beleive it or not shihonage is really hard to get out of when done properly.
This is how we tend to do shi o nage (tenkai kotegaeshi) in our dojo. As long as tori keeps uke's arm and shoulder directly on top of his own shoulder and visualises a pivoting sword cut to someone behind, it is very hard to escape.

If done properly, attempting to turn out will actually be more painful, as your own shoulder traps uke's shoulder, locking it in the midst of the turn. While training in Aikikai, I learnt that if tori keeps his outer elbow as low as possible it allows for even more control of the technique.

Alternatively, application of yonkyo throughout the shi ho nage makes it almost effortless and irresistible. Of course, if uke still turns out it only places him/her in the perfect position for an easy kotegaeshi

My 2 cents.


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