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Erik Jurrien Knoops (erikknoops) wrote:

most obvious to me is how Simon is janking his uke into the right position.Would not want to try that with an uke that is realy alive and awake.
Well, to each his / her own. 'Janking' would not be the word I would use to describe Simon's movement, but perhaps I am biassed: years ago we trained in the UK under the same teacher (who now teaches in San Diego,). And if it's the uke I think it is, he is usually neither dead or asleep during practice, at least when he takes ukemi for me.

I think Kevin Price's advice is very sound. Beginners really need to be taught how to take correct ukemi from shihonage, which, actually, can be a lethal technique. If you look at an article written by Fumio Shishida, published a few years ago in Aikido Journal when it was still Aiki News, most of the fatal accidents in aikido have been caused from shiho nage.

So, if a beginner 'escapes' from shihonage by turning out of the technique, it is no big deal. I think uke and tori need to be taught to cooperate with each other to the absolute maximum, at least in the early stages.

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