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Re: Is It Missing In Everybody's Aikido?

Since I dredged this thread from the abyss...
For the Thread:
I think that ~it~ will remain missing in most everybody's aikido.
It was never missing in everybody's aikido. Well, it was, until they were told of ~aiki~ if that is the ~it~, and then had time to change their body to mainfest it. (if we are to believe the stories). ,,but that is another story.

It is missing in somebody's. Most peoples, i would say, in fact. It is hard and will therefore be elusive. No one suggests it will be common, do they? just that it exists and is the highest mode to directly train martial ability. Maybe aikido would be waaay too hardcore if everyone was required to be doing it. Is everyone capable of doing it, within reason? Or is it practically impossible in some cases? I read of some fellow who is reportedly quite amazing who is wheelchair bound.
Would think being to train ~it~ even to some weak level could at least help to hold your body together as you age and slump over time. Agree?
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