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Re: Is It Missing In Everybody's Aikido?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post

How about we follow the standard that was set and demanded here.

1. Why don't you step up and clearly define Ueshiba's spirituality____________________________?
2. How, and where did his spirituality physically affect and manifest itself directly into the physical body without physical training_________________?
3. If you are arguing that -like we say- it is a physical training process but it produces different results-state what our results are and where and how they differ from yours___________________?
3. Who are the aikido teachers you keep talking about who "got it?"
4. Have they produced written works?
5. Can they- upon testing- do the same things Ueshiba did?
6. Can I go around you (with the people I know) and meet and test them?

In short, in light of your professed spiritual search- it seems you really aren't interested in helping anyone but yourself. Don't you think the best thing to do is to give Aikido to the world?
Where did I hear that before?
Damn Dan....sounds like you are channeling Jim Sorrentino! Sorry!...couldn't resist! just kidding
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