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Re: Is It Missing In Everybody's Aikido?

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Hi Dan,
Thanks for your thoughtful posts. Clearly I have managed to make you feel that it is necessary to attack me from that corner you found yourself backed into.....
....Wonderful, Dan. Good on you, mate! It will be very interesting to see what all the powerful folks you develop will do when (metaphorically speaking) the building is on fire, and the door to the room you let people in through is blocked and all those wonderful, powerful men of Aiki are so full of what you have given them in excess that they can't fit themselves out through the small window of hope that I have been alluding to. You know, the one that you blocked their access to, straight on from the beginning.

It's all good, sins of the father and all... there is always time to repent. Or is there?

Best in training to you and all...
Rant off

Er...what? I suspect that they like me will help everyone out before them and offer them a leg up. Just like i am doing now!!
Lets stay on point.
You have offered that you have an insight into what we do from a different direction that was supposed to be pure Ueshiba; over and over.
I told you publicly that I am intrigued.
I told you privately I am intrigued.
You futhered the point by saying it wasn't just you but a group of others on a list.
That got me more intrigued!
I asked to meet you or them or have you describe publicly, then privately; what it was or how you do it.

You have done nothing but blow me off.

I am sorry you feel this level of emotion. There are more than a few of us who are not playing word games but are very interested in what you are saying. What would cause you to go overboard like this?
I hate the disengenouos nonsense on the web. I told you that publcily and privately; that I am sincerely interested and I would like to come to N.Y and feel what you got and go to dinner and over looong drinks talk about Stan's research and your own (remember that?). We said if that works out to go to Osaka together and see if this is a real path with some credible teaching that has physical results.
It's not a heavy hand, Shaun. It's respect and interest.

Have you considered that you might have something to offer? And that you need to go beyond yourself and share it and let the community decide its value to them and their search? What if you can offer me or someone else a leg up? It's not always about power Shaun. We are supposed to be an open hand, remember?

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