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Re: Is It Missing In Everybody's Aikido?

Shaun Ravens wrote: View Post
I asked many questions of you that you continually choose not to answer. You do this every time I ask those questions. When I ask them rhetorically of the community at large, you know to illicit responses from people who are not you, either You, Mark, and now Rob Liberti tend to step up and use the all powerful - but Dan can stop everyone dead in their tracks to explain away that you are on the right path.
Shaun, I think my confusion with you has been that I believe you are calling "aiki", we consider to be called "do". What we are calling aiki is what the guy who taught O-sensei called aiki, but I'll call it "DR aiki" if that works better for you. It kind of begs the question as to what you consider to be "do"... And I can see why it can be confusing, for instance the point about Hikistuchi Sensei's dojo being a full contact aikido dojo in Shingu - that kind of adds a bit on context to what he was saying on youtube...

Second, if there is ever a time when you don't want me to respond to a question you pose to the community (which I felt I was a member of) just say so and generally I'm a pretty good sport about such requests.

I honestly do not *know* if Dan is on what I consider to be the right path for the "do". I'm not sure *I* am on THE right path. I just know that the path I had been on was problematic, and this latest adjustment has done me a world of good. However, please consider that if I were 100% sold on Dan's approach regarding the "do," I would not be continuing to ask to come meet you and work on misogi things. So if you and I are in (or still in) some sort of disagreement, please send me a PM.


old mcdojo had a form, aiki aiki do...
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